Menzies Creek Preschool

Part of Menzies Creek Primary School

Menzies Creek Preschool is located at the Menzies Creek Hall, and is unique in that it is part of the Primary School. This provides an extremely smooth transition for our children as they progressively become more involved in school experiences.


Active Learning

We believe all children are capable learners, who learn through their interests and playing in a social environment, with open-ended experiences.  Through this children can learn from active hands on experiments, their peers and also educator intentional teaching.  We believe all children need to feel a sense of belonging and with this will learn to their fullest potential.  To achieve this we build positive and strong relationships with not only the children but just as importantly their families, to gain an insight into the child’s culture, beliefs and interests. Families are the child’s first educators and know their child’s interests, needs and abilities. 
We work as part of a team to provide the structures and support that each child needs to develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.  We look to provide a calm and spacious environment, full of experiences that both strengthen skills and challenge the children at the same time.
As educators we are aware that our learning is never complete.  We are always willing and looking to further our knowledge about children and how to teach them effectively, researching different ideas and networking with other early childhood professionals, to hear their different teaching methods and techniques.
We look forward to embarking on a journey of learning and discovery with each and every family.


Preschool contact details

1 Menzies Road, Menzies Creek 3159

 ph: 5968 3115           mob: 0421 030 914

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