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Whole -School Camp Program

At MCPS all students have the opportunity to experience camps and life away from home to assist with the development of both independence and interpersonal skills.

Toward the end of their first year at school, Foundation students will experience the beginnings of our camp program. This involves a special dinner and games at school.

In Year 1 and 2, our students camping experience involves a day at Funfields. This is certainly a student (and staff) favourite! This day allows students to move our of their comfort zones an have a lot of fun. After, they enjoy dinner together at school.

While the Year 1 experience ends after Funfields and dinner, our Year 2 students stay for a sleepover at school.  For some students this is theri first night away from home. A sleepover at school helps prepare them for future camps.

Our Year 3 -6 students attend  3 day / 2 night camps. Depending on the year, the camp will either be beach focused or bush focused.  These camps  focus on adventure and initiative activities with the aim of students improving their interpersonal skills and ability to build positive relationships with others.

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