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Student Voice and Agency

Student voice is about empowering students and providing them with the opportunity to give feedback – both to each other and their teachers. Student agency is more focused on giving students responsibility and ownership of their learning. Both student voice and agency allow students an opportunity to influence and change their school.

At Menzies Creek we value student voice and agency and recognise the impact it has on both learning and wellbeing. We are working hard weave student voice and agency into our daily practice. Our students understand that they are in fact given agency all the time, whether it be selecting which activity they will do in a numeracy lesson, setting a personal writing goal, choosing an area of interest for an inquiry project or taking responsibility to get up and move to a place where they won’t be distracted. We ensure this is embedded from Foundation onwards. We also do this more formally through both fornightly explicit Student Voice lessons and our Student Voice Team meetings.

In 2023 we are working with the Quaglia Institute with the goal to deepen voice with students, parents, and staff. We also aim to identify skills that ourr students needed to develop further to support authentic voice within the school.

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