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Cyber Safety is an integral part of learning at Menzies Creek Primary School. Students from Foundation to Year 6 are taught how to use devices and the internet in a safe and responsible way. We strongly believe that cyber safety is a team effort between the student, family and school.


At Menzies Creek PS all students participate in the ‘Cyber Safety Project’ to ensure that they are equipped with the tools they will need to become 21st Century Digital Citizens. The Cyber Safety Project works with our community in several ways:

-engaging with students from F to 6 through an incursion

-providing our staff with professional learning and access to curriculum ideas

- offering a cyber safety webinar to our families


The Cyber Safety Project allows our students to learn and understand how they can connect and interact safely through digital platforms, devices, websites, apps and gaming networks. 


We also regularly use resources for schools available from the eSafety Commissioner.


Useful Resources for families: 


eSafety for Kids


eSafety for Parents


Cyber Bullying Guide for Famileis

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