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Frequently Asked Questions


What does MCPS do to help students be ready to start Foundation?

There are a number of opportunities for families to be actively involved in the transition of their child from pre-school to primary school. Menzies Creek offers a Parent Information Night where all families are invited and all teaching staff attend to inform families about the various aspects of the school.

There are a number of transition days in Term 4 that future students attend to familiarise themselves with the school and gain an understanding of what it will be like.

Once school starts communication between families and the school becomes very important and there are numerous means and opportunities for this to happen including further information nights, interviews, diary communication and email.


What does MCPS do to help students transition into secondary school?

The transition into secondary school process at Menzies Creek is comprehensive. Year 6 students are given plenty of opportunities to visit local secondary schools to experience classes or view a performance. There are also occasions each year where teachers from these schools along with MCPS past students come in to conduct valuable Q&A style sessions.

The Year 6 teacher communicates with the future teachers of each of their students to ensure a smooth transition and in most cases, valuable assessment data is also transferred.

Finally, each Year 6 student attends a full day orientation day at their future school in December.


How does MCPS cater for the various needs of students?

Menzies Creek places a strong value on the individual. As such its staff acknowledge the diversity of abilities in their own class and have a wide repertoire of strategies to teach students at their point of need. The basis for this is rigorous and regular assessment in a number of forms and for a variety of purposes, which informs our tiered interventions.

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