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Principal's Message

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A warm welcome from our school community!

Learning we do and fun we have! Students, staff and families share a real sense of community and our mantra 'We dream, believe and achieve together' clearly defines our intentions in all we do!

It is a privilege to be part of such a wonderful team of enthusiastic staff who place such passion on the development of positive relationships with every child, which provides the foundation for effective learning to occur. Every staff member knows every child and this is important to having a real connection to each other and to the school.

Our teaching and learning program is engaging and promotes a love of learning and a sense of curiosity, all within a caring and supportive environment. Technology is an integral component of every child's development. Extension and intervention programs ensure every child has the chance to succeed. Embedded in this solid framework are the rich experiences of music, drama, physical education, science, AUSLAN, visual arts and a plot to pot cooking program. We are passionate about our environment, promoting sustainable practices in our every day actions. We pride ourselves in the development of an orderly environment based on strong and uniform principles of routine and rigor throughout the school.

Our school thrives on family involvement, parent support is provided through literacy training programs and parenting programs on a whole range of issues.

We are proud to now incorporate a Menzies Creek Pre-School, involving both three year olds and four year olds. We have the unique ability to share resources and provide a truly holistic transition to school.

I would love to meet your family and share a school tour, so you too can be excited by our Menzies Creek team!

Take care,

Dale McInerney

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