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Student Wellbeing

At Menzies Creek we aim to provide a safe, nurturing, dynamic learning community that caters for the uniqueness of each student. We provide an environment and curriculum that challenges students to do their best, and that develops knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful global citizens.


Our School Guidelines underpin teaching and learning and guide our interactions and relationships. The Menzies Creek Primary School community has a consistent and positive approach to behaviour and we use our Guidelines along with the Learning Assets, to develop a school climate where independence, resilience, personal responsibility and self-discipline are grown. 


In addition to our teaching staff we have a highly knowledgeable and dedicated school chaplain, student leaders and a staff wellbeing team who all work together to ensure that the students at our school enjoy their journey feeling safe, supported and equipped with the skills needed for lifelong learning and relationships.



Do Your Best

Help Others Succeed

Respect Your Environment


Care Groups

An integral part of our wellbeng program is Care Groups. These are multi-age small groups lead by an adult (teachers, support staff and principal). Groups meet each fortnight to participate in a wellbeing session, usually in response to current school needs. Each group works cooperatively on activities designed to increase understanding and valuing of self and others and building positive relationships.

The purpose of Care Groups is for students to develop relationships with others in the school, get to know an adult apart from their class teacher and participate in sessions that expand their understandings of different values and personal skills

Fabulous Friday

To build connections and allow students to develop a trusting relationship with all staff members, we spend time outside as a whole school. We allow dedicated time for all students and staff to be outside playing together. Following our inquiry pedagogy, Fabulous Friday allows students choice in their play and lets them follow their passions in outdoor activities.


Buddies Program

All Year 5 students are matched with a Foundation student as part of our buddies program. Each week during the year, the buddies get together for various activities including craft, mindfulness and outdoor fun. This relationship is often the first one new Foundation students form and the buddies program becomes an important transition into school. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of leadership, mentorship and responsibility in our Year 5s.

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