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We walk hand in hand to grow curious, caring, lifelong learners

At Menzies Creek Primary School, we’re proud to offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. Take a look through our site to learn more about us.


About Menzies Creek

Principals Message

Principal's Message


All children are born with an amazing sense of curiosity!  Children love having their curiosities and wonders answered. Menzies Creek P.S boasts it is a real community of curious learners.

Our pedagogy across the whole curriculum is Inquiry based and children learn through engaging in rich, meaningful tasks. Overarching questions allow the children to explore their understandings through a balance of the explicit teaching of skills and self-discovery.

The Learning Assets – Think, Communicate, Collaborate, Self-Manage and Research are critical to all leaners now and importantly for their future. Each asset is explicitly taught, with students setting goals and actions to develop them.

Our staff are enthusiastic, talented and curious learners themselves. Their interactive teaching style engages their learners, and fires their imagination. They know under what conditions children flourish. They operate within an environment that fosters human contact- contact with each child, each other and the community.

We pride ourselves in providing for all children rich, meaningful assessment tasks that really show the growth of each individual. We hold great importance on student and peer reflection and timely teacher feedback to develop skills as they occur.

Student agency is a high priority with their involvement in providing feedback to teachers re their planning of tasks, what they value, and how they learn best. They are vital partners in the learning process.

Learning is celebrated consistently with every family kept up to date with their child’s progress through provision of continuous learning tasks completed by each child and regularly placed online for viewing and discussion. You know where your child is and what they need to do to grow in their learning. Events are held to ensure families have the opportunity to witness their child’s learning.

Family involvement is wonderful where we really experience the meaning of community. We come together to enjoy many social occasions. We constantly strive to improve our school by seeking family feedback. Our School Council is proactive and welcoming; with enthusiastic, hardworking subcommittees.

We have our own preschool encompassing playgroup, three year old and four year old programs. The transition to school is holistic and provides the best platform for children to make a positive start to their learning journey.

Come and be curious with us!

Take care




What’s Coming Up

Menzies Dance Party - Tickets on Qkr. 

Live band - The Velvet Archers! - 24th August 2019



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“You cannot open a book without learning something.”



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