Year 3/4

3/4L & 3/4 M


Another exciting term lies ahead with many special events and activities planned. It was wonderful to see the students’ happy faces when returning from the Easter break. We are preparing the Year 3s for NAPLAN and during literacy sessions we will be focusing on narratives, poetry and word study. Throughout mathematics sessions this term we will be investigating multiplication, division, length, probability and graphs.


Our inquiry focus this Term will relate to sustainability, ‘Look At What We Have Got’. Students will learn about fair tests and variables as they design and conduct simple experiments. They will consider the importance of habitats for animals and plants as they research a national park.


We are looking forward to a terrific term ahead and here are some important dates relating to 3/4s:


  • 28th April                    School Photos

  • 9th – 11th May             NAPLAN

  • 12th May                     Mother’s Day Stall

  • 24th May                     EDEC Cross Country

  • 26th May                     3/4M Assembly Presentation

  • 2nd June                      3/4L Assembly Presentation

  • 14th June                     Special Visitors Day

  • 29th June                     3 Way Interviews




Have a brilliant Term and take care,




Lilly and Matt