Term 4 Foundation


 This term we are taking an inquiry approach into all areas of the curriculum. This is a fun, engaging and curiosity provoking method that has brought about incredible learning opportunities already! Students will learn about the 5 learning assets though a range of activities, which will assist them throughout their learning journey in the future.


Below are some of the big questions we will be exploring this term:


What are some different ways to count? (skip counting- 2's, 5's, 10's)

What do we need to do to make a functional toy?

What can we find out about the friends of 20?


Word study

 What can come after talking marks?



How can I be most persuasive? (link to Friday math session where students will be designing, building and advertising a toy.)

How can we improve our writing when we think we're done? (editing skills)



Can art be made using technology?



We will be looking at character development, text-to-text/self/world, inference, retelling, finding key words, visualising and lots more.