Year 1/2


Year 1/2 Term 4 Overview




Dear Families,


Please find below an overview of the focus areas in classroom for Term 4.


We have a fun-filled term ahead with many activities to engage the students in their learning. Year 1 will be having a dinner at the school and Year 2 will be having a sleep over to prepare them for future camps. We will also be going to Lego Land in Chadstone to fit in with our inquiry unit. Please see below for a list of activities and approximate costs to help you plan and budget.


Students have set their own learning goal for this term. Please take the time to discuss them with your child. If unsure, please see the classroom teacher.




Students will continue to:


  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of consonant blends, vowel sounds and word families in order to improve their phonemic awareness.

  • Participate in explicit reading and writing sessions to understand the text structure and language features when reading and creating their own design briefs, persuasive text, procedural writing and narrative text types.

  • Practicing a range of CAFE reading strategies: Comprehension-Use main idea and supporting details to determine importance, Check for understanding, Inferring and support with evidence. Accuracy-practice common words. Fluency-re-read text and Expanding Vocabulary-Tune in to interesting words.




Students will:


  • Continue to build on their place value; group, partition and rearrange collections up to 1000 in hundreds, tens and ones to facilitate more efficient counting.

  •  Continue number sequencing knowledge, initially those increasing and decreasing by twos, threes, fives and ten from any starting point, then moving to other sequences.

  • Choose simple questions and gather responses.

  • Making groups of number sentences using materials such as counters, Unifix cubes and bead frames.

  • Operations and number processes such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using a range of strategies.

  • Comparing capacities using a range of containers.




This term our Inquiry unit is ROBOT BUDDIES. Students will work in groups to design and build their own robot buddy. They will be scaffolded through selecting materials to construct their robot and will work at creating a mock up program to make their robot follow commands.


Investigation Into


  • The design process
  • Creative thinking
  • Construction skills and materials


Essential Questions


  • What do I need to think about in order to be creative?
  • How do I decide which skills and materials I need for a job?
  • What is the best way to design something?


Students will apply the creative thinking processes and skills learned throughout this unit to other areas of their lives. They will see opportunities to be creative and have a range of thinking tools and manual skills at their disposal to explore new ideas.


Most of all we will have loads of fun.






Excusrsion to Lego Land: Chadstone



Year 2 Sleep Over



Foundation/Year 1 dinner



Belgrave Treetop adventure.



*Please note that the dinner and sleep over are part of the school camp experience and are not covered by levy.




Daniel, Hedda and Anne.